Wood Carving

Wood Sculpture

Wood carving is a type of sculpture that in the past has been used for religious and funerary art but these days is mostly used for purely decorative art. Many different styles of home decor sculptures and garden sculptures are made from wood.

Wood carving is a difficult art to learn and people that are skilled at wood carving can charge high prices for their work because wood carved sculptures are always in high demand for home decorating. There are seven commonly used methods of wood carving. Each one is used to create a different type of effect using different wood carving tools. The methods of wood carving are,

Chip carving

Chip carving is using a small, sharp knife to remove small pieces of wood to create a shape. 

Relief carving

Relief carving is similar to relief carving in stone, it’s created a three dimensional image on a flat background. 

Scandinavian flat-plane

This method is used frequently in folk art sculptures. Sculptures carved this way have figures carved in large flat planes and the tool marks are left clearly visible. That gives the finished piece a very folk art look. 

Caricature carving

Much like an artist using pen and paper creates a cartoon caricature of someone wood carvers can use wood to exaggerate and blow out of proportion the features of a person to create a caricature carving. Often these are done of popular stars, historical figures or political figures.  

Love spoon

A love spoon is a particular type of sculpture that has origins in ancient  Wales. Wood carving was a common pastime for men in those days and a man who wanted to marry a woman would commonly make her a love spoon. Love spoons were ornately carved spoons made entirely from piece of wood that were given as a sort of engagement present. 


Treen is the name for making useful but decorative pieces of wooden sculpture. Bowls, tables, clocks and other items that were used as part of everyday life but are carved from wood with an artistic flair are very popular today the same way they were hundreds of years ago. 


Whittling is an ancient wood carving process. Whittling is essentially carving three dimensional items out of a piece of wood, usually a solid block of wood, with a small hand held knife.

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