Tips for Making Clay Sculptures

Clay Sculptures

Clay sculpture is one of the widespread and common forms of sculpture. In all cultures there is such a form of art like clay sculpture but there are cultures and countries in which clay sculpture is unique. For instance, clay sculpture is an essential part to the Indian culture. It was in the past and still is now. In India, clay sculpture is accessible, affordable and available almost anywhere since it is done with very little effort. Also, the fact that is so fragile makes it necessary to renew and restore it all the time.

In India and everywhere else where clay sculpture it is done, is a medium through which the individual’s emotions and thoughts are circulated and expressed. No matter in what culture they are made, clay sculpture items or other types of clay creations, the shapes and styles differ significantly. Both fired and unfired clay sculpture items come in amazingly numerous shapes and sizes. When you produce clay sculpture art pieces, you do not have to follow patterns or sizes. Just let your creativity and imagination roam freely and come up with original and new ideas for the others to see what you were thinking.

Normally, items made within the clay sculpture boundary vary vastly from tiny little statues meant for collectibles to huge creations meant for decorating and display in large areas such as public place, parks, gardens, etc. The themes in clay sculpture are simply unlimited. You can sculpt from virtually anything around you, animals, people, plants, items, etc. The beauty of a well-made clay sculpture, irrespective of its indoor or outdoor settings, is preserved through many decades, even generations, particularly with materials such as stoneware clay that has a well-established record of durability. In fact, some of the oldest sculptures on earth are made of clay.

Clay Sculpture

Can you imagine the Terracotta Army that was buried with the Emperor of Qin (Qin Shi Huangdi) in 210-209 BC or the Minoan Snake Goddess in 1600 BC, which still stand today even after buried for such a long time? Although the use of clay in sculpting has had ups and downs, it is still used nowadays to create magnificent clay sculpture items for decorative purposes. In the past, clay was mostly molded into functional items like mugs, pots or plates. Nowadays, it is molded in a myriad of styles and patterns just for the sake of art.

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